Our greatest reference: the opinion of the people who have worked with us

I think everything I can say about Eventos Navarra was summarised by Henry Ford:

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”

Right from the very first moment we are positively involved in your work to ensure that everything runs smoothly thanks to the security and enthusiasm you show; the pleasant manner you display on tackling everything and that we receive with pleasure is a reward for us and, precisely because of this, I think that the times we have shared and all of the events we have carried out, have been a success for all sides involved.

Working with Eventos Navarra means constant learning. We’re lucky to be able to learn from the professionalism, fine work and passion of the whole team. Thanks for working with us!
If you need a company to organise your events, to help you with your initiatives, no matter what they are, at the Saray Breast Cancer Association of Navarre we strongly recommend that you put yourself in the hands of Eventos and specifically of Montse Oyague.
With at least 4 years’ experience working with them, organising events of different kinds and varying complexity, such as charity races, information campaigns, the organisation of international breast cancer day in Navarre (events in the Plaza del Castillo, organisation of awards, information in the press, radio and TV, contacts with sponsors and collaborators), the only thing we can say that they do an effective, complete, responsible, rigorous job, flexible as regards your conditions and wishes, adaptable to your needs, with good ideas and good contacts, fast and effectively solving any problems that occur and, above all, with human warmth and total honesty.
I have hired Eventos Navarra several times, and of course I will continue to do so, among many other reasons because it means I will have absolutely no doubt that my event will run like clockwork, just the way I want it to go.
They know how to understand my needs and how I want those needs to develop, down to the last detail, and they carry it out to perfection.
That’s Eventos Navarra and their human capital.
We would like to thank Eventos Navarra for their confidence and loyalty towards Únicca.
It is always a real pleasure to work with people who are constantly dedicated to their work, with clear-cut, responsible ideas, and that’s why we’d like to congratulate them for their attitude. Our commitment, to continue improving. Montse, you’re fantastic!
Professionalism, effectiveness, creativity, talent… always with a smile.
Eventos Navarra is the guarantee of success, they take care of everything, solving any problems and always making the end result much better than expected.
Working with these great professionals means peace of mind and the certainty that everything will run smoothly.
Mariano Oto, Sindrome Up Consultoría Innovación Social, S.L
I’ve known Eventos Navarra for some time. I have been lucky to use their services for organising different events.
I would like to stress their friendly attitude towards me, their professional approach when preparing the projects, their management efficiency and their availability and attention when developing the activity.
No doubt about it, Eventos Navarra will be a great choice!
We have been working and collaborating for years with Eventos Navarra on different activities, and I must say that it has always been a pleasure to share these experiences with this entity.
This is a serious, professional business in all respects. Whether in reference to communication, organisation, monitoring of the project at hand, etc., they always give your work unconditional support, with a close-at-hand, sensible attitude, and that makes for ideal outcome of the project.
I therefore only have words of gratitude and praise for this company.
For the Hotel Maisonnave, working with Eventos Navarra means working with the certainty and confidence of a company where the importance lies in people, and in how they deal with the client.
They perfectly understand our line of work and what we want to offer our clients, and that’s why we will continue to work with them.
Impeccable work performed with great professional flair. A very high quality service and an absolute delegation for our part.
The event ran with absolute normality, with no incidents whatsoever and with a tremendous feeling of normality and control.
The team of hostesses were perfectly trained and skilled at their work, behaving with exquisite education and attention to those attending the event.
The team of hostesses were perfectly trained and skilled at their work, behaving with exquisite education and attention to those attending the event.