Navarre as an events destination

Navarre is a community of 640,000 inhabitants located in the north of Spain, to the west of the Pyrenees and which shares a border with France of 143 km.

It has a particularly outstanding level of economic development: the GDP per inhabitant in Navarre stands at 126% of the average in Spain and 125% of the average in Europe, placing it in 38th position among the European regions, according to the last homogenised data of 2010. This framework has seen the development of excellent quality infrastructures and services highly suited for holding events in the Community.

It has surprisingly extensive diversity of both culture and landscape, offering the visitor a variety of settings for their activities and meetings.

Its enormous potential for tourist development certainly gives it the capacity to surprise all those who choose Navarre as the destination for their events.

Eventos Navarra offers its clients experience and knowledge of all possibilities offered by the Community, such as the perfect location for their events. Are you up for letting us surprise you?

Photographs provided by the photographic archive of the Government of Navarre Tourist Service.