Devotion to integration

At Eventos Navarra we strive to integrate people with different capacities in the development of our work, convinced that they bring enormous value to the end result of the event while helping to construct a fairer, more equal world.

Boy and girl students from the Isterria School of Special Education, supported by professionals from our centre, are therefore part of our work teams on different projects.

Isterria_LOver and above their professional attitude, their desire to improve and the creativity they show on every project, these people bring freshness and contagious enthusiasm to our work, unquestionably adding enormous value to the end result of our events, something that our clients notice and greatly appreciate.

Auxiliary staff


Creation of materials



Images of the Isterria installations provided by the
Community of Municipalities of the Pamplona Metropolitan Area

Decoration for events



Technical Secretariat support



The fact that a company like Events Navarre, usually work with our students, is particularly positive. Makes visible the capabilities of our students, their creative ability, organization ... is a representation that adds value to every event, day and ultimately to society
Lidia Caballero Garralda, Isterria employee
I have worked on several occasions with Eventos Navarra. I worked as a hostess. I have dealt documentation and informed people.
I'm having a very good, but sometimes I get tired a bit.
I go with a black dress that gives me the school. This year they still have not called me, but I love to go to participate in an event.
Saioa Izco, Isterria